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squirrels_wallpapers1Squirrels are small animals who like building their nests in trees. During the winter season, they nest in holes and sometimes in crevices of decaying trees. You can easily know the animals are in your premises by their noise especially during the day. They are commonly found in the urban areas. The reason why you need to remove squirrels in your garden to avoid damage in your wall, electrical wiring and even air conditioning. The animals can also cause a bad smell from their urine and feces if they are not removed.

The first thing you need to do once you realize the squirrels are within your compound is to find their point of entry. Sometimes, knowing their way in and out is not easy at all. In order, to successfully get rid of them, make sure you seal all the holes and leave only one hole leading them out. Use a special repeater trap right on the hole and in due time all the squirrels will be trapped.

Squirrels give birth twice a year, between January to April and August to September. If the unwanted wildlife visitors are in your home within this months, be sure to find the babies. Carefully search for the babies nest and don’t dare trap them. Instead, wait for some weeks for the babies to get strong enough to leave with their mother. To avoid harming the babies and their mother, hire a squirrel control provider from your area to remove and reunite the babies with their mother.

It is recommended to remove the wildlife during spring because it is normally very cold during winter and babies will hardly survive if they are moved out to the cold. After you have successfully removed all squirrels, it is very important to seal and repair the damaged chimneys, roof vents, plumbing roof mats and pipes to keep them off completely.