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raccoons-bite-baby-sleeping-in-cribWhen one mentions wildlife all what get into our minds are the thick thickets of the equatorial forests of Africa and South America or the stretching savanna grasslands full of wild animals and birds. It never hit our mind that the wildlife has also gone to the extent of living in the urban areas. Nowadays it is not a wonder to get in peoples house in the urban areas and what welcomes you is squirrels and raccoons rushing out to their hideouts. How to deal with urban wildlife at your property is the main challenge that everybody living in the town is facing. Many people facing this wild animals problem and it is recommended to call you local wildlife removal company.

Squirrels and raccoons are very destructive in their nature they destroy our stored food and making our houses dirty. These animals also carry with them parasites such fleas and ticks which can invest our houses and making the live there taste like hell. These parasites can also transmit diseases to human beings. Raccoons and squirrels live in the dark chimneys, old attics, uncatered garages, and under decks in our houses and breed there. These animals are aided by their hand-like paws that allow them to climb and have access to houses and other home structures looking of food and place to hide.

To handle raccoons and squirrels problem inspect the home or building to find all holes that the animals enter the house. Attic, garages and chimneys inspection is essential. Inspection allows ‘invasion to the animal’s space’ especially during the breeding season. Babies that are found are taken and put in a weatherproof release box. The box is then to the animal entrance to the house where a one-way door trap is set. The one-way door facilitates trapping of the adult raccoon locking them out. These animal intruders are left with no options but to relocate from our homes and go back to their natural habitats.

Regular check and cleaning of the dark places in our houses helps to keep of these urban wildlife animals away. How to deal with urban wildlife at your property may be your biggest concern but also choosing the best method of control is another. Some control method search use of chemicals is not very recommended the reason being this kind of method is not very eco-friendly. The animals might die in their hideouts that might take some time before extracting your body. Having dogs and cats in our homesteads might also help keeping these intruders away. For raccoons call