Moles are small, black or grey furry mammals that live underground on any moist or sandy soil that is easy to dig. They are known to create dirt mounds and unsightly ridges on gardens. They are found in parks, forests, golf course pastures, gardens, park and other place with soft moist or sandy soils. Moles cause destruction and for this reason they are considered pests. If you have moles in your garden and wondering what to do with them, there are ways of preventing moles from invading your garden so you need not be worried about preventing or getting rid of them. We went straight to the source and asked what professionals use to remove moles. We asked wildlife control Hamilton specialists for some tips. So here are some of the ways that you can use to prevent moles from invading your garden.


You can trap moles in spring and early autumn after heavy rains because during these times, they are easy to catch as they do not dig deeper tunnels. This is the best method that experts consider being most effective. The best two mole traps that you can easily get at a hardware store are scissor law and harpoon. You will need to follow the directions on how to use them so as to keep yourself and your family safe. The traps are placed on the moles active runs.


Gassing is an effective method for getting rid of moles but must be carried out by a specialized lawn care professional. Although this method is highly effective, it requires certain regulatory guidelines to be followed to the later when one is using gas near buildings or houses.

Wire Screen

Wire screens are much harmless compared to other methods and will prevent the moles from invading your garden. You will need to lay down gauge wire screens that are medium in size with openings that are sturdy enough to allow your plant stems to grow but should be small to prevent moles from digging through them. You will lay your wire screening before you plant your garden. Use just one long sheet to cover your garden on all its four corners and in between preventing the moles from climbing beneath the screen to your soil. You can further protect your garden by planting cut grass and chips of wood on top of the wire screen you have placed on the garden on the areas which you have not planted.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an ingredient used in most mole repellents and its solution can easily be made at home. If you have moles in your garden, you can mix 2 parts of castor oil and 1 part of soap used for cleaning dishes in one gal of water to make an effective mole repellent. After mixing the ingredients together, pour it in a large spray bottle and spray it inside and around the holes created by the moles. It is advisable that you spray the solution on your gardens perimeter before your plants spout so that the moles look for food in other locations.

Moles are harmless to humans, and they do not feed on organic vegetables so they are not a danger to your life. Moles tend to keep returning to their best feeding grounds so if they are in your garden it means they prefer feeding there and are likely to return at some point so it is advisable that you know the best ways of preventing moles from invading your garden so that when they return you will able to get rid of them or you will be able to prevent them before they invade your garden.

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